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九月 2, 2016








针对人群 普通人,直销人,网络项目,老板,
针对人群 直销人和了解过直销的人
运作方式 整套手机运作教程,整套电脑运作教程
运作方式 电脑运作
加盟送营销系统 针对4类人群特别定制的营销系统 触屏版营销系统 无,部分仅有简单粗糙的网页链接
触屏版营销系统 赠送独一无二的触屏版营销系统 触屏版营销系统
人脉管道 实时更新,独创有效的方法,让客户主动找到
人脉获取方式 无,大部分团队都是主动出击找别人沟通,被人拒绝,
培训系统 100堂原创经典课程 培训系统 大多数网络直销团队都是靠模仿
团队流失率 因为拥有完善的系统化流程,团队流失率低 团队流失率 传统网络运作方式流失率非常高
成功率 拥有直销里最先进的工具,成功率非常高 成功率 老一套的互联网运作,成功率低
系统化培训 完整有效的宣传、沟通、进人、留人、育人,
培训 不完整,不完善。


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Discover 101 Facts About the Human Body

七月 1, 2014
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Discover 101 Facts About the Human Body

101 Facts About the Human Body
By Radhika Venkata

(About The Author)

If you are a parent, a grandparent or just plain curious about your body, you must read on then zoom to the download page immediately! What a way to get the answers to the questions you’ve always wondered about.

Did you know that children have more bones than adults?  Does that mean that bones just disappear when reaching adulthood?  What a mystery!

  • Why do sportsmen eat bananas during their most strenuous activity? 

  • What determines the sex of a person?

  • Is the right side of our body bigger than the left side?

  • Can people get shorter in the evenings?

We all have questions about our bodies.  Children especially are naturally curious and ask questions we are often not prepared to answer.  Sometimes we grasp at straws trying to come up with answers that are easy for a child to understand.

And that’s when we even KNOW the answer. More frequent than not, we have no idea what the answers are and dismiss the questions as unimportant.

Our children deserve better. It would be pretty ridiculous to believe we all need medical training just to answer questions from our children. However, there is good news.

For all of you who have ever wondered why we get “goose bumps" or which of your five fingers is the most important, we give you “101 Facts About the Human Body!"

Armed with this guide you are prepared to answer those difficult questions. Plus, you’ll be impressed with the simple illustrations for the more difficult descriptions.

Never again be at a loss for words when you must have an accurate answer to any sensitive question about our body.

“101 Facts About the Human Body" is guaranteed to answer those hard questions.  Not just because it will help you respond to your children, but there are a multitude of questions that will satisfy your curiosity as well.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get your copy now!

Only $17.00


8 Week Money Back Guarantee!

P.S.  Never again be at a loss for words when your children ask an important question about their body.  Grab your copy now!